A downloadable PoO for Windows

A mistake of the gods will condemn the destiny of the 8th Entangled World and the Prophecies of Ourleidus will begin to be fulfilled...

This is my first game ever (as you can see playing it :P). It's an outline of a greater story I want to create in future. I hope you enjoy and please, give me some feedback. Thank you!

PD: I'm not english speaker so... sorry for bad english here and in the game :(


PoO.zip 727 MB


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That was a pretty good game!
The story so far is really interesting (I'm dying to know what happens next!!) 
I didn't find anything too bad with the dialogue.  Just one part really, when the miner talks about getting a torch. I was left a bit confused not understanding if it was the woman in the next room the one supposed to give it to you or if it was in that locked house next door. haha When I entered the mine I figured out where the torch was though. Not that I needed it however because I picked the witch! ♥ 
But considering you aren't an english speaker the story flows pretty well :) 
The characters portraits/sprites and the maps also look really nice. 
I don't really like random encounters so I was a bit annoyed with how high the encounter rate was, but I could win every fight so it wasn't too bad. XD But I think you could try to balance the battles a bit more, I felt, in particularly, that the bats in the mine had the atk way too high. They would hit my witch for about 20 hp every time :O while the rats would just do about 7 hp. 
Overall: I thought the game as it stands it's pretty solid. It was really fun and I do hope you'll continue with the story because I got really want to know if we'll be able to  save those guys that lost their souls in the mine. >_< lol
Good luck!